A cover for the second part of my online novel “El Refugio”
The scene is at Soantria (Chapter 15) and… it’s a bit spoiler.

I also love her pasionate relationship with the assassin of the novel. Their love is…. awwwwwwww…

He just killed the Masters and defeated all her friends, but she can’t do anything against her love. No, she can’t hurt him! D:

I painted this at Paint tool SAI with only 5 layers! XD, with final touchs and brushes (and tons of layers!) at photoshop.

I used as model for Ishrin and amazing stock photo from: =Dxlogic, the rest of references are photo of my own, and some my custom brushes and some brushes from ~luana and ~Circle-Of-Fire and texture from `Princess-of-Shadows