The Oracle of the Moon is a Fantasy Graphic Novel. Every year young warriors travel to the Oracle searching healing and wisdom. But this year the water is scarce and so the priestess’s life is endangered.


Every year, warriors and mages depart from their homes to the Oracle of the Moon. The priestess of the Oracle possesses the gift of healing and she can cure any disease with the touch of her hand.

Centuries ago, when her people was in danger, the priestess asked the divinities for aid. In trade for her sight, the Goddess of the Moon brought her a sure place and the spring of the Moon Water, that she would be forever young… but she was unable to leave.

Offended by her complaints, the goddess changed the location of the spring. She gave a riddle to the priestess every year to guess the new location of the spring. The neighboring countries did an agreement with the Oracle: every year they would send a couple of warriors questing the water. In exchange, they would obtain the blessing of the priestess and her ancient knowledge. This quest became a tradition that survived through the centuries, and thousands of sick people pilgrims to the Oracle…

But this year year there is drought. Everywhere the springs and wells are dry, the rivers reduce their flow, and they said that the ancient Spirits of the Waters have returned.

What connection has the arrival of these creatures with the water disappearance?

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