My rules are the basics of all the artists, I hope you respect them:

Writtings, stories, tales…

  • All the writtings, novels, stories, tales… aswell as the characters, names, locations… that appears in this webpage are of my property. They are registered and it is not allowed to copy or distribute them without my permission, as well as the plagiarism, the use of backgrounds of the characters in rpgs, forums, and similars.

Image usage

  • All graphics on this site are copyrighted, so you may not take, alter or use any material from this site without my permission. If you use a image for my promotion or an article, you couldn’t make any modification to the images, only redimension them with proportion.
  • Do not take my illustrations and claim them as your own.
  • Do not use them like avatar, forums, rpg, fanfic, signatures, website layouts, or some kind of graphic, unless I have given you permission or it has exclusively done for you (look here for hire me as illustrator).
  • Do not remove or change my copyright watermark, because it’s a break of my copyrights.
  • Do not use them for lucrative aims.
  • Do not direct link images  or banners from this site. Save it into your own server first (or a free imagehosting).
  • If you are inspired by the drawingsbased by my novels, you must give me credit to my site ( with my name (Mónica N. Galván or Mónica NG), and linking back in other sites or galleries. Show me always your drawings, I will put them in my guest-art gallery ^_^
  • At least you will make me very happy if you put a link back to my site in your website ^_^ ( You can use some one of the banners I made for you here.

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Don’t hesitate in contact me with sugestions or whatelse you want.