A project of making a deck with my particular version of Tarot inspired by the stories of Tirnanog.

  • Major Arcana: Mostly represented by deities and mythical characters from Tirnanog.
  • Styluses” is the name that will get this suit rather than wands. It will be related to the air element instead of fire. The reason is that both the goddess of air of Tirnanog as their creations represent creativity. The air people uses  stylus, pens and quills for their arts.
  • The cups will be related to the water people and people of the sea. Cards will be made ​​up predominantly of intuition and light, and waterscapes of the intrepidpeople of the sea.
  • “Coins” is probably the name given to the suit of pentacles. They will be related to the people of the earth and the goddess Brizo. The topics will be in line with the fruits of the field, such as wheat, the symbol of the goddess.
  • The swords will be related to the fire instead of air. Because these cards represent mostly pain and suffering, it is more likely to be related to Grey Dragons from Tirnanog and their conquests.