Aine Forgotten Summer – Postcard 5.5″ x 4.2″


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Premium postcard, featuring the most popular art from Enchanted Visions Project by Monica N. Galvan.

Aine, the Master of Air Order, a fragile and apathetic young woman that lives in her “bubble” a palace on the top of the FogTeeth mountains. She’s a character of my online novel.

In this collection we have characters from her novel worlds. They are also featured in the Enchanted Visions Project.

The postcards may be signed and dedicated with a special message. Tell me if you want this free extra when you make the purchase. 
Prints do not have watermarks only a little copyright sign. 

Paper size of the Postcards: 139 mm x 107 mm

Paper: Premium, (215 gsm) glossy. Printed by both faces (front in full colors, back in grayscale with detail of the illustration).

My prints are protected by copyright laws. Buying a print don’t give you rights over the image. 
All my works are copyrighted to © Monica N. Galvan. All rights reserved.