EV Limited Edition A5 Prints


Limited Numbered Edition of EV Art.

In this collection we have characters from her novel worlds. They are also featured in the Enchanted Visions Project.



### DETAILS ###

Paper size of the Prints: ~A5 (148 × 210mm)

Paper: * Matte cardboard 300gr.

– Aprox A5 sized, no margins.
– Signed by the artist.
– Only 10 of each.
– They have a little copyright sign.


La Bruxa “Darkness Falls” – A witch shapeshifter who takes the appearance of an owl when darkness falls.

Musgo “The Green Faery” – A Green Fairy lives in the forest. Her sad song is heard among the trees and disturb to the listener. Her bed is soft moss like her hair, and her skin is ebony as the trunks of the trees.

Encina “Autumn Harmony” – A fairy of the forest, bringing the fall while she walks. A bird follows in her footsteps, dead leaves are her entourage.

Papaver “The Key” – A princess gives the key to her heart to a magpie to hide it in a safe place.

Información adicional

Peso 50 g

Encina "Autumn Harmony", La Bruxa "Darkness Falls", Musgo "The Green Faery", Papaver "The Key"