Enchanted Visions I – Prints – A4 (210 × 297mm)


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A4 PRINTS, featuring the art from Monica N. Galvan For “Enchanted Visions” fantasy Project

La Fata “The Arrival of Spring” – A delightful fairy with a crown of flowers.
La Bruxa “Darkness Falls” – A witch shapeshifter who takes the appearance of an owl when darkness falls.
What Dreams May Come – A young fairy is dreaming about her love. She’s lying on the grass and imagining her dreams in the clouds. You’ll come some day?
Musgo “The Green Faery” – A Green Fairy lives in the forest. Her sad song is heard among the trees and disturb to the listener. Her bed is soft moss like her hair, and her skin is ebony as the trunks of the trees.
Violet “The Gift” – A fairy maiden dressed in purple receives an unexpected gift from a blackbird.
Encina “Autumn Harmony” – A fairy of the forest, bringing the fall while she walks. A bird follows in her footsteps, dead leaves are her entourage.
Myosotis “Shades of Blue” – A fairy princess has been lost in the cursed woods. A blue bird will help her to get out of it.
Nymphea “A Dark Undercurrent” – A nymph dwells at the source. Do you hear her song? Her eyes are green fire, and she is calling you. If you listen her, you are lost forever.
Papaver “The Key” – A princess gives the key to her heart to a magpie to hide it in a safe place.
Tempest of Ice – An elf princess of the mountains through the blizzard accompanied by her snow griffin.
Jasmine “Adrift” – A fairy resting on a basket floating on the water made with a fig leaf full of jasmines.
Acer “Crimson Wings” – A fairy, phoenix bird breeder.
Tyto “Midnight Masquerade” – A fairy in the moonlight walks in the woods. She goes to a masquerade disguised as a barn owl.
The Locket – A gothic angel without heart or love, is crying under snow.
Nymphea “Dreaming on Aquamarine Tides” – An elf floating in the water surrounded by koi fish and water lilies.

### DETAILS ###
The picture is usually minor than the paper size. The prints have margins for framing, and are hand signed by the artist.
The prints may be dedicated with a special message. Tell me if you want this free extra when you make the purchase.
Prints do not have watermarks only a little copyright sign.

* Paper size of the Prints : A4 (210 × 297mm).

* Paper: Semi-gloss coated paper 150g.