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MoonSlayer is an epic fantasy webcomic about a young woman and her quest to save her own life… by killing a goddess.

Enchanted Visions

Fantasy Art Project


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Frija Aretai – Illustration Process

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New video of my latest illustration process “Frija Aretai” made for the Enchanted Visions theme Wonder. Frija is a character from my novel “The Gem of Deneb”, which I have great affection….

Farian, Queen of the Sidhe – Illustration Process

| Art & WIP, Arte y WIPs, Tutorials, Updates | No Comments

New video with my new illustration process: Farian, the Queen of the Sidhe! It was an illustration keep me frustrated for a while, I changed the composition in the last minute and…

General of Riga – EV New Beginnings

Remakes II – Venux / Pain

| Art & WIP, Updates | No Comments

Here comes another post of remakes of old drawings. This is full of messy things. Some have more than 10 years, and there is a brutal change. If you do not…

"Annarien" My Punishment - EV Anima Sola - 2013

Remakes I – Annarien

| Actualizaciones, Art & WIP, Arte y WIPs, Mis Trabajos, My Work, Updates | No Comments

Today I will talk about illustration remakes. Do any of you have ever done one? I’m going to be showing some art remakes, with the same subject, that I have…

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